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Donation from Raial Odinga center
The basketabal team recives equipments from Rila Odinag center represented by Miss Rosemary Odinga.

History and Background

The Verkaart Development Team and the community established the school in 2002 with the am of separating girls from the then mixed Waa High School and mainly to assist orphans and needy girls from coast province to access secondary education.

The Verkaart Development used to offer sponsorship to the needy and orphan students and also did the infrastructure development upto 2001 when they handed over the school to the district education board and the community.

The school building are all makuti thatched which is the greatest challenge the BOG and PTA have to address since all the roofs are in dire need of replacement.

Waa Girls secondary school is in Matuga Constituency, Kwale County of Coast province. It is 10 km from Likoni ferry along the Likoni – Lungalunga Highway.

The school started as a two streamed school with 88 students but expanded rapidly due to high demand to its current status of four streamed with an enrolment of 860 students.

The school is experiencing an over enrollment of 54 students per class compared to the ministry’s stipulated enrollment of 45 students per class. As such the stakeholders need to put up more classes and dormitories to accommodate the students and update the school to a five streamed school.

The total establishment as per the ministry is supposed to be 35 but the school has an establishment of 23 teachers, thus suffering from a shortage of 12 teachers. The BOG has employed 10 teachers to offset the shortage. Out of the 33 teachers only two stay within the school compound posing another challenge to the stakeholder to put up more staff houses.

Principals since inception of the school

Year                     Name of the principal
2002 - 2007 Mrs. Josphine Mafimbo
2007 to date Ms. Salome Mwaruwa


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