The Principlal's Message


Welcome to Waa Girls Secondary School website.

Waa Girls is a Boarding school which was started  in 2002 by the Local Community with the assistance of Verkaart Development Team (VDT) which is an NGO based at Ukunda.

Waa Girls secondary school has been a force to reckon with in both curricular and co-curricular activities. The school is endorsed with dedicated and enthusiastic teachers whose primary goal is to see Waa Girls move to greater heights of academic excellence and to develop students individual talents.

The school community appreciate the assistance offered in terms of infrastructure development it got from the Verkaart Development team. Though the buildings are only eight years old, the roofs are dilapidated and won out because they are made of makuti. It is now the responsibility of all the stake holders to take up the challenge of renovating the school and to guar it against infrastructure decay and looming collapse of the buildings. The Verkaart development team has handed over the school to the community and the government for continued development.

Lets all wake up and take up the challenge to make Waa Girls the centre of academic excellence as it was intended by the people who pioneered it.

Ms. Salome Mwaruwa



1.School opens on 2/05/2017

2.Opening CATs of forms 1,2 and 3 starts on 6/05/2017 and ends on 13/05/2017

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